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6 Free Email Service Besides Gmail Outlook Yahoo!

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Using e-mail has become a mandatory requirement for every person to activities, for examples are business, blogging with best free blog, communicate with friends in address book or log in to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. Therefore e-mail is more than just sending and receiving messages for personal use.

Many hosting provide storage space with a large capacity, effective spam filtering, fast loading website interface, integrating breaking news, and instant messengers . Email could be used in desktop easily  and provides mobile apps for smartphones.

Moreover, The best free email accounts have several layers of security surrounding information such as bank account numbers, social security data and tax return records. E-mail providers is also protecting computer with additional features such as virus scanners to prevent potential viruses and other malware off computer. Some options to look for sites free email services, ie:

(6) Hushmail private email:
Fast and easy to use. Since 1999 millions of people have used Hushmail to send private email on the web. Many companies marketing, government organizations and non-profit groups use Hushmail Business to protect their secrets from prying eyes. Hushmail offers free (no paid) versions of service. Hushmail uses OpenPGP standards and the source is available for download. 25 MB storage, no third-party advertising, 20 MB max attachment size, external POP3 access to other email accounts, digital signatures for email and attachments, spam filtering, 2048 bit encryption with full OpenPGP support. Anyway, we must sign in at least once every three weeks.

(5) Inbox free user-friendly webmail:
5GB free storage, send & receive attachments up to 50MB, easily organize messages in folders, POP3 and SMTP access, effective spam and virus protection. Sort and share photos & organize it into albums.

(4) Lycos mail:
Lycos is one of the first search engines on the web besides Google, Bing, Yahoo! Lycos has been a pioneer in intelligent spidering search technology. Lycos mail server features: a minimum of 3gb of free storage, advanced spam filtering, spam protection lists, instant messenger, html e-mail composer, e-mail account aggregation, domain and address blocking, unlimited size attachments.

(3) Zoho business email hosting:
Customers use Zoho Applications to run their business processes, manage their information and be more productive while at the office or on the go, without having to worry about expensive or outdated hardware or software. Zoho mail specification: 5GB inbox storage, 20MB max attachment size, instant messenger, custom themes, external mail collection, mobile app, POP/IMAP support, spam filtering & virus scanning, no inbox ads.

(2) AOL simple free fun:
AOL Mail is email for originals client that provides a safe and user-friendly communication platform. Along with all the standard features, such as world-class spam protection, speed and reliability, and a mobile mailbox, AOL Mail provides amazing additional benefits such as free text messaging and unlimited customer support. unlimited inbox storage, 25MB attachments. With millions of perfect usernames to choose from and a user-friendly design template.

(1) GMX mail:
Unlimited mail storage and attachments up to 50 MB. There is no need to struggle with file compression anymore. This allows to send 30 high-resolution photos in just one email, or share them using our free File Storage exchange. Spam & viruses protcting, Powerful antivirus tool scans inbox to detect any threats. Together with our spam filter, it keeps document safe from any malware that may harm files. Import social media feeds support.

Any other?